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About Us


Science is the answer to the maximum questions of this world. Since the ancient times, the laws of nature have always transformed into the rule of science. It helps people to question the events occurring and to finalize the validity of those. Science has no boundaries, and it is vast and sometimes can be quite tough to understand. In News Express TV, all the news related to this field can be found. This will make our readers define the undefined and see the real scenario of the world and beyond.


News Express TV has always aimed to drive people to think logically, rationally, and practically. We have always given importance to the comfort of our audience and has made information easily available.


As already been said, science being a vast field is not easy to be incorporated under one single category. Therefore, in News Express TV, we categorize the articles under 4 different columns. These subcategories are very well segregated from each other. The subcategories are-

  • Environment
  • Genetics
  • Outer Space
  • Physics

All these subcategories revolve around the central theme, i.e., science. This being a very attention-grabbing field should not be boring to read, so to spice it up more, we incorporate various photos and graphs with the articles. In News Express TV, all the articles are genuine and free from any type of plagiarism.

Process of work-

In News Express TV, there are different groups working for different columns. In each group, there are columnists, editors, and writers working hard towards the better development of the website and to deliver authentic news to our readers.

Science depicts the thirst of knowledge and to know the unknown and our website News Express TV is meant for the thirstiest ones.